About Us


    Hi, Thank you for browsing through our website.

    My name is Shilpa and together with my Husband -Vinod we operate this business. We have always had a creative side and therefore decided to buy a laser machine one day, since we used to spend a lot of time cutting things by hand.

    It all started with the birth of our second daughter. The first thing we laser cut and engraved were birth announcement plaques for her arrival in March 2018. That day onwards there was no looking back.

    Since both our girls' names start with the letter K (Kiana and Kavya) it was a no-brainer to name our enterprise KnK Krafts. They are truly our inspirations:)

    We do all the work from our shed and love watching our girls play while we do what we love.

    We are always looking for challenges so we try and create new, unique and high-quality products. 

    Thank you for your continued support and trust on our family business. 

    Follow us on our socials @knkkrafts for daily dose of our business activities.